Human Trafficking in Ontario


by Channon Oyeniran

Hello friends! As we draw nearer to Christmas and the new year, I just wanted to do a quick summary of an article I read the other day in The Globe and Mail. It was titled, “Police find 16 human-trafficking victims in cross-Canada investigation,” and it talks about human trafficking in Canada (Ontario specifically), a country where many people think modern slavery and human trafficking doesn’t happen. This article shows that in fact human trafficking does exist and is a big business here in Canada.

rcmp-logo1In the article, Tavia Grant discusses a cross-Canada human trafficking investigation in which police rescued 16 victims from human trafficking situations. Police also charged 32 people with 78 offenses relating to trafficking in persons and child luring. This human trafficking bust was the fifth time that Canadian police, under the name “Operation Northern Spotlight,” organized an investigation that sought to help vulnerable people in human trafficking and more specifically, the sex trade.

This article gives a lot of informative stats concerning human trafficking in Canada and the province of Ontario as well. One stat that stuck out to me was that the province of Ontario has approximately 65% of the human trafficking cases reported to police in the Canada. That’s more than half of the cases reported amongst 10 provinces and 3 territories! That tells me that Ontario has a lot of work to do concerning fighting human trafficking and modern slavery. Another aspect that the article discusses is that over the next four years, the province of Ontario will be investing $72 million dollars in a new anti-trafficking strategy. This proves to be significant because Ontario is only the 3rd province in Canada to create a plan to fight trafficking.human-trafficking-in-ontario_5541983806fee_w1500

Another thing that this short but informative article does is provide the readers with a definition of human trafficking and some signs to look out for to spot someone who may be a victim of  trafficking. This article also touches on the age range of these victims – the youngest being 13 –  and that majority of them are female. The mention of how lucrative this trafficking business is for perpetrators who exploit more than one girl is also noted in the article. Not only does it give current and up-to-date information about the business of human trafficking, it also provides some solutions on what the city of Toronto, the province Ontario and Canada are doing to fight and hopefully end human trafficking and modern day slavery.

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Methods used to help fight human trafficking in Ontario:

There are various methods used in the fight to stop human trafficking. Different organizations such as Free Them and Covenant House in Toronto are fighting human trafficking and modern slavery. Some methods used to help fight human trafficking that these organizations and others use and that are also mentioned in the article are:

  • Education for hotel staff in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba provided by the police
  • Raising awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery 
  • $72 million invested by the Ontario government for an anti-trafficking initiative. (The money will be used to bolster support for culturally appropriate services for indigenous survivors of trafficking, create a provincial anti-trafficking coordination centre and lastly, create a specialized prosecution team for human-trafficking crimes.)

Ways to get involved:

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